Your Acceleration Troubles Could Be Attributed to the Mass Airflow Sensor

You press down on the accelerator of your European automobile and the engine sputters. The acceleration lags. What could be the problem? European Fix advises that acceleration trouble can be caused by issues in the fuel system or with the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. A faulty mass airflow (MAF) sensor can trick the engine control unit into changing the mixture and starving your engine of fuel. Here are other signs that your vehicle has a bad MAF sensor.

Black Exhaust

If there is too much fuel in the combustion chamber, your vehicle will release excess black exhaust, especially when you press down on the accelerator. This means that the engine is burning away the excess fuel and the exhaust is a result of this excess burn.

Check Engine Warning

A malfunctioning mass airflow sensor will also turn on your vehicle’s check engine light. It’s always important to take a check engine warning seriously, as a recent study has shown that the check engine light is quite accurate in detecting engine problems.

Engine Trouble

If the mass airflow sensor is reporting the incorrect amount of air flowing into the engine, again, you may end up with an imbalance between the air and fuel in the combustion chamber. If the combustion chamber is air-heavy, your engine will sputter. If it is fuel-heavy, the engine will surge.

Hard Starting

You may find it difficult to get your car started when dealing with a faulty MAF sensor. It could be that there isn’t enough fuel in the combustion chamber to fire your vehicle up. It may take several tries to get the engine started and the engine may stall quickly afterward.

Poor Fuel Economy

Another sign that you don’t have the right balance of air and fuel in the combustion chamber is poor fuel economy. If the engine is not running efficiently, it will burn excess fuel. You will find yourself heading to the service station more often than normal, and this can put a dent in your budget.

Rough Idling

Finally, if your engine is fuel-starved because the mass airflow sensor is sending incorrect data, you may notice that your idling has become very rough. In severe cases, your engine might stall. Either way, you will notice that your engine is not idling smoothly like it normally does.

European Fix in Clinton Township, MI, can help. We are European automobile service and repair experts, and we’d be happy to check your mass airflow sensor if you suspect it’s faulty.

Photo by Mariia Demchnko from Getty Images via Canva Pro