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Known to break automobile technology barriers, European transmissions are complex pieces of machinery. Forget about everything being metric, that’s the least worry. You can’t trust your European transmission service and repair to anyone other than experts in European automobiles. European Fix in Clinton Township, MI, employs those experts, and their ASE certified as well.

Signs Your Transmission Is in Trouble

If you’ve noticed your transmission is slipping in and out of gears lately, bring your vehicle in right away for an inspection. This is just one sign your transmission needs a little TLC. Other signs include slow starts, burning engine smells, strange noises, difficulty handling your vehicle, or pink fluid leaks on your garage floor. If your check engine or other dashboard light illuminates, you definitely have trouble, and we can fix it, including a total rebuild if necessary.

Transmissions Clinton Township

We also perform European transmission maintenance. Check your owner’s manual to see the recommended service visits, and then call us to schedule an appointment or stop by our shop. If we can take you in right away, we will. Our transmission service package includes checking your transmission fluid, or oil as some people like to call it, to ensure it’s clean. If it isn’t, we’ll drain and replace it. Depending on your vehicle, this should be done every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Why Is This Important?

European transmission service is important because transmission repairs can be some of the most expensive for any vehicle. If you maintain your transmission, you not only keep fresh oil in there to lubricate parts and prevent them from overheating, you also have advanced warning of part failure. We inspect transmissions while we maintain them, which means we can replace parts as necessary to save you money in the end. Don’t push a total rebuild.

We also work on manual transmission if your European sports car has one. We get it. It’s more fun to race down the streets shifting gears than it is to have an automatic transmission do it for you. Boring! We didn’t say that, however, and you didn’t hear it. We don’t want you to drive recklessly, but we do want you to drive in a vehicle that’s safe and reliable while on the road, which is why we make servicing and repairing European vehicles our passion.

Transmission Service Near Me

If it’s been 15,000 miles since your last transmission checkup, give us a call. If you can’t remember the last time your vehicle had a transmission inspection, call us right away. European Fix is European transmission experts, and we offer Clinton Township customers the best service in town.

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