Things That Will Knock My European Automobile Out of Alignment

Part of what makes European automobiles so much fun to drive is how well they handle. These cars are easy to control and drive well even at high speeds. If your European automobile is out of alignment, however, European Fix advises you’ll lose some of that easy handling. Your wheels should be aligned every two years, but you can knock them out of alignment prior to that by hitting or driving over the following road hazards at high speeds.


You can’t avoid every bump in the road, and your suspension is designed to handle the minor bumps without any problems. Major bumps, however, should be avoided or driven over at slow speeds. If you fly over bumps, including speed bumps, you cannot only knock your wheels out of alignment but you can also damage your suspension or even break one of the axles.


Even a minor automobile accident can knock your wheels out of alignment. It’s important to have your vehicle inspected thoroughly from roof to tires after an incident to make sure there isn’t any unseen damage. The jolt from the accident can misalign your wheels and make it more difficult to handle your European automobile.


Curbs can be tricky. They can jump out at you when you turn around them or when you parallel park, or at least it sure seems that way, doesn’t it? Be careful turning around corners to avoid hitting the curb or driving over it. Be careful when you parallel park, too. You want to avoid making wheel contact with curbs at all times to prevent knocking the wheels out of alignment.


Another thing that is easy to hit is parking space markers. These cement markers will push your wheels backward if you hit them when you’re pulling into the parking space. Navigate parking spaces slowly so you can stop before your wheels make contact with the cement marker. Always make a mental note of the markers, as well, so you don’t drive over one trying to exit a parking space going forward.


Finally, perhaps one of the worst road hazards for wheel alignment is potholes. Potholes jolt your wheels in a million different directions in an instant when you drive through them. It is so important to take potholes as slow as humanly possible. Otherwise, you are going to do more than knock your wheels out of alignment. You will also damage your suspension.

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Photo by wathanyu from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro