Porsche Repair

Porsche RepairFounded in Germany in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, Adolf Rosenberger, and Anton Piëch, Porsche has grown into a manufacturer of sought-after sports cars known for their luxury, as well as sedans and SUVs. The Porsche lineup as of 2022 includes the 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman, 911, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, and Taycan. Owned by Volkswagen AG, the company’s headquarters remain in Germany in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. Do you drive a Porsche? Look no further than European Fix Clinton Township for all of your Porsche service and repair needs.

Porsche Preventative Maintenance in Clinton Township

Porsches are known for their speed and handling, and keeping the sports car, sedan, or SUV in the best shape possible ensures that you will always have the speed and handling you desire. Your Porsche needs preventative maintenance just like any other automobile does, and we are the best Porsche service shop in Clinton Township. We will conduct all of the factory-scheduled services recommended by Porsche to ensure your vehicle is always safe and reliable. This includes

  • Air-conditioning and heater services
  • Battery and alternator replacements
  • Belt, fluid, and hose checks
  • Cooling system services
  • Fuel system services
  • Mileage milestone services
  • Oil and oil filter changes
  • Tire and wheel services
  • Transmission services

You can count on us for the preventative maintenance your Porsche needs. Our goal is to ensure that all of our customers become lifelong customers no matter what they drive. Our experienced service technicians are certified to work on Porsches. We have the knowledge you need to keep your Porsche serviced and repaired. You can count on us for your Porsche maintenance.

Porsche Repair in Clinton Township, Michigan

Speaking of repair, who can you turn to when your Porsche needs repair? You can count on European Fix for your Porsche repair in Clinton Township. We are your one-stop shop for your Porsche repair needs. Again, our technicians have vast experience in repairing Porsches. We have the know-how to diagnose the problem correctly the first time so we can fix it right away. There are many common Porsche problems out there that we fix all the time. They include

  • Cooling system leaks around the coolant distribution system
  • Smoke coming from the engine due to a faulty oil separator
  • Steering and suspension problems that turn on the ABS light
  • Transmission problems caused by worn out synchronizers

We are serious when we say you can count on us. Call European Fix today for your Porsche auto service in Clinton Township, MI. We want to make you our customer for life.


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