Jaguar Repair

Jaguar RepairHere is a fun fact about Jaguar: the company was originally founded in 1922 and manufactured motorcycle sidecars. Before it was called Jaguar it was called Swallow Sidecar Company. Today, Jaguar produces luxury vehicles for Jaguar Land Rover. This is a multi-national vehicle manufacturer that is headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, England. Here in the states, you don’t need to look any further than European Fix for all of your Jaguar service and repair needs. We are the best Jaguar auto shop in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Jaguar Service in Clinton Township

Keeping your Jaguar maintained ensures that it is always safe and reliable. You want everything running as it should be, including the tires and wheels. Sticking to the factory-scheduled service recommendations in your owner’s manual will ensure that your Jaguar lasts for years to come. We can help with all of your Jaguar service in Clinton Township. We maintain Jaguars on a regular basis, and our certified and experienced technicians are experts in

  • Brake system services
  • Oil and oil filter changes
  • Transmission services

You can count on us to make you our customer for life. This is our goal for every customer that comes to our shop. We will treat you and your Jaguar with the utmost respect. We will maintain the luxury automobile so you always enjoy driving it. Aside from the services listed above, you can count on us for your Jaguar mileage milestone checks and other services listed in your owner’s manual. You don’t need to go anywhere else other than European Fix.

Jaguar Repair in Clinton Township

This is true if you also need Jaguar repair in Clinton Township. We have, as we mentioned above, certified and experienced technicians who are experts in Jaguars. Although luxurious and reliable, Jaguars do come with common problems that we repair every day. These problems include

  • Automatic transmission failure that is premature and unexpected
  • Ignition coil failure that causes the Jaguar’s engine to misfire
  • Leaking engine coolant that causes the Jaguar’s engine to overheat
  • Brake pressure accumulator failure or odd squealing brake noises
  • Timing chain issues, especially in the S-Type V8 engine

Even though the latter is more common in the Jaguar S-Type models, we are experts in resolving Jaguar problems no matter the model you drive. We take pride in the service we offer our customers, and we understand how important your Jaguar is to you. We will treat it and you with care.

Call European Fix in Clinton Township, MI, today to schedule an appointment for your Jaguar if it needs a scheduled service or to be repaired.


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