Five Signs Your European Automobile’s Fuel Injectors Need Cleaning or Replacing

European automobiles are known for performance, which is why they are so much fun to drive. If you are European vehicle has not been performing the way it normally does lately, it’s possible that there is a problem with the fuel injectors. Engine combustion deposits carbon onto the injectors and this carbon eventually clogs them. Older injectors can also spring leaks and need to be replaced. European Fix can inspect your fuel injectors if you are experiencing any of the following problems.

1. Dancing RPM Needle

As the fuel injectors become caked with carbon deposits the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber becomes unsteady. In other words, you no longer have a steady stream of diesel fuel or gasoline heading into the combustion chamber. Consequently, this affects your engine’s RPMs. They will become unpredictable because they will rise up and go down based on when the fuel makes its way into the combustion chamber.

2. Dead Engine

Your engine may die completely if it isn’t getting any fuel at all. If you are unable to start your automobile and everything is fine with the electrical system, the next logical step is to determine whether there is a fuel delivery system. In this case, it could be that your fuel injectors are completely caked over with carbon deposits and, consequently, the engine is fuel-starved.

3. Misfiring Engine

Aside from sporadic RPMs, the spurts of fuel making their way into the cylinders can also cause your engine to misfire. The firing in each cylinder is a delicate dance. The spark plugs need just the right amount of air and fuel to ignite. If this balance is off, you will end up with multiple detonations in the cylinders and this is what is a misfiring engine.

4. Poor Fuel Economy

You may also notice a significant difference in your European automobile’s fuel economy if your fuel injectors are leaking. In this case, the fuel injectors cannot be repaired. Clogged fuel injectors can be cleaned to restore their performance; leaking fuel injectors must be replaced. Aside from poor fuel economy, your engine may also surge due to the excess fuel in the combustion chamber.

5. Rough Idling

Finally, an uneven stream of diesel fuel or gasoline into the combustion chamber can make it difficult for your European automobile to idle smoothly. Rather, you will end up with a rough idle and, if bad enough, your engine may even stall.

We’ve got you covered here at European Fix in Clinton Township, MI. Call us today if you think your European automobile’s fuel injectors are clogged or leaking.

Photo by aleksandrkondratov via Canva Pro