Brake Repair

As European auto repair experts for over 25 years, we’ve heard some horror stories, and we make it our mission to ensure you never have to experience the fear of losing your brakes. Sure, it makes for great suspense in the movies, but we won’t rest until we know your European vehicle always stops when you press down on the brake pedal. One of the most important safety systems on your car is the brakes, and we inspect, service, and repair all types.

All Types

It doesn’t matter the brake system you have – anti-lock, disc, or drum – or the make and model of your vehicle, we have the brake experts on staff to service them. We can stop a high-performance sports car or a classic pickup truck. We work on cars, trucks, and SUVs, and we have the equipment, parts, and proper tools to diagnose, maintain, and repair your brakes. We’ve seen changes in braking technology over the years, and we stay on top of the latest engineering feats.

Our Brake Services

When you bring your vehicle in for our brake services, you can expect the best customer service in Clinton Township first. We treat our customers with utmost respect, and we’ll communicate with you effectively from estimate to final bill. Our brake services include full inspection, routine maintenance, and full brake replacement. As briefly touched upon above, we service

  • Anti-Lock Brakes: Our experienced technicians understand the complexities of an anti-lock braking system, including computer sensors and parts.
  • Disc Brakes: If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, you probably have disc brakes. Our technicians also service these systems, which use friction to stop your vehicle.
  • Drum Brakes: Just like disc brakes, drum brake systems use friction to stop your car, truck, or SUV. We can inspect your drum brakes and replace any wearing parts.

Don’t take chances with your brakes. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to schedule service visits and bring your vehicle in right away if your ABS dashboard light illuminates of you notice signs your brakes are wearing down.

What Are Those Signs?

A squeaking or squealing sound every time you engage the brakes is the number one sign you need to bring your European automobile in for service. If you hear grinding, bring it in right away because the pads are worn out. You also shouldn’t hear whistling sounds nor should your vehicle vibrate when you tap the brake pedal.

Brake Repair Near Me

Please don’t take chances with one of the most important safety features on European automobiles. European Fix in Clinton Township, MI, is happy to work with you to maintain and repair your brakes. Give us a call or stop by our shop.

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