Audi Repair

Audi initially dates back to the early 20th century, but the Audi we know today was not reintroduced until 1965. Today, Audi is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group and headquartered in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. A popular European brand in the United States, European Fix services and repairs all models manufactured by Audi. We are the best European auto service shop in Clinton Township, Michigan, and you can count on us to keep your Audi on the road safe and reliable.

Audi Service in Clinton Township

Keeping your Audi serviced keeps it reliable and efficient. Sticking to the manufacturer-recommended factory-service schedule makes sure you get the best gas mileage out of your Audi and the longest life. The reason why these scheduled services are called preventative maintenance is that they prevent the need for Audi repairs. For example, maintaining the following systems lets us find problems before they become major issues:

  • Air Conditioning system
  • Brake system
  • Cooling system
  • Electrical system
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel system
  • Ignition system
  • Transmission system

Keeping your Audi in shape includes maintaining these systems, regular oil changes, belt and hose checks, tire rotations, and many more services, all of which we offer. We even perform the mileage milestone services at 30,000, 60,000, 90,000, and 120,000 miles. We believe in keeping our customer’s European automobiles in the best shape possible, and this includes your Audi.

Audi Repair in Clinton Township

Even the best-laid plans can have a hitch in them, and if your Audi ever needs to be repaired, we are the best Audi repair shop in Clinton Township. As with all automobile brands, Audis have their own set of idiosyncrasies. We repair the following common Audi problems frequently, so we are experts in getting your Audi running properly and back on the road. We can fix

  • Electrical component issues including dead tail lamps and flickering headlights
  • Oil leaks in the engine that can lead to electronics damage or an engine fire
  • Ignition failure caused by failing spark plugs or plugs that are not OE spark plugs
  • Broken timing belts that damage the Audi’s cylinder blocks and engine
  • Dry axle CV boots or broken CV boots that need to be replaced

You can avoid many of these common problems with Audis by ensuring you keep your Audi maintained. If your Audi does need repair, however, don’t worry. We are staffed with expert Audi technicians that have a ton of experience and knowledge underneath their belts.

European Fix is the best auto service shop in Clinton Township, MI, so call us today for all of your Audi maintenance and repair needs.


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